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GOURMET BURGER DOES IT RIGHT: Because you’re tired of the lines at La Paryse and the pretentiousness of m:brgr.

Should you believe the hype? Yes. As the latest player the gourmet burger game, LGB ’s combination of fresh ingredients and upscale soda fountain aesthetic make for a distinctive dining experience. A standard trio will set you back $10 even, while those wanting something a bit flashier can add caramelized apples for $1, truffle oil for $3, foie gras for $4, and a whole whack of other stuff. Fresh-cut fries are served in a cone, Dutch-style, with a variety of mayo-based sauces for your choosing. Le Gourmet Burger opens its doors Monday, August 23, so don’t plan to take a date there this weekend, because you’ll look like an a*shole.



From Chowhound:

I started out going to Buns many months ago and it was hit or miss. Then Pick’s opened around the corner. But the service and lack of organization drove me back to Buns. Who by the way have improved dramatically. But the last 3 times I’ve gone to Bun’s they haven’t had any potatoes. The last time they even offered me a free extra burger in lieu. But it just doesn’t make up for the short fall IMHO. So yesterday I went to Le Gourmet Burger. It’s one of Georges Najjar’s places. He’s done it well this time!!! First off the burgers are charcoal grilled by a real cook. The one I met was a very nice personable guy who cared about what he is doing. He’s ex- Hard Rock cafe. The meat is custom ground. Then the toppings. I had all the regular hamburger stuff plus bacon, smoked Gouda, a fried egg and fois gras. It was divine. I was in heaven. It wasn’t overcooked either! They have good fries and very good sweet potato fries. They make homemade lemonade. The drinks are good. Service was fantastic. The young lady serving me is from Yellowknife on her gap year. She was pleasant and very attentive to all. It is clean and very modern. Georges has hit a grand slam with this one. It’s my new burger home. In fact writing this has made me want to go back this afternoon for another burger.

++bigfellow++ Oct 09, 2009



Alléchant !

Vous aurez bientôt quelque chose de tout nouveau à vous mettre sous la dent, les « burgers de luxe » du restaurant Le Gourmet Burger. C’est dans environ 2 semaines que ce dernier devrait ouvrir ses portes au 1433 Bishop. On vous y concoctera d’appétissants burgers composés uniquement de pain fraîchement cuit et de bœuf grillé sur charbon de bois où les garnitures seront faites d’un bon choix de légumes frais, d’herbes, épices biologiques et de sauces variées. Info: 514 435-3535




As adults the pleasures we get from food are often intermingled with childhood nostalgia. Mac and cheese, French fries and warm homemade desserts might cause guilty feelings of indulgence but they also bring us back to a time when guilt didn’t exist in our vocabulary. For children, eating is pure sensation, food rarely gets tied-up with concerns of body image or the call of the gym. But for adults indulgence is acceptable only if it masks itself as in someway unique. Thankfully Montreal’s latest kid-food restaurant for adults, Le Gourmet Burger, does exactly that, not only by stamping itself as singularly “Le” but also by using ‘adult’ ingredients to form its soon to be ubiquitous patties.

Le Gourmet Burger’s modus operandi is to hearken back to a purer time, not by inviting in our parents for family therapy, but by offering burgers that are fresh, charbroiled, organic, and of top-grade beef. At the same time, Gourmet Burger earns its “Le” status by featuring a gamut of classy condiments like caramel apple fig nuts, truffle aioli, local Quebec cheeses, and even foie gras.

For now the Montreal restaurant is a bit kiddy when it comes to its beverage selection, serving smoothies – like banana peanut butter or ginger banana – instead of booze. But the tautly designed, exposed brick space accented with glossy lime green acrylic chairs and über modern counter seating almost screams for a classification that is above ‘G.’ So owner Georges Najjar plans to have a rotating selection of wine as soon as his license comes through.

A piece of advice: when you make your way to Le Gourmet Burger, close your eyes, suck in your gut and dream of younger, skinnier times; you don’t want to ruin your epicurean experience with any feelings of le guilt.
-Erin Hershberg




Top It Up

Gourmet burgers are very trendy, but so are sky-high prices.Not so at Le Gourmet Burger. This bright locale offers high-quality, charcoal-grilled burgers at bargain prices.

We customized our chicken burger ($5, taxes included) on a brioche bun with fried mushrooms ($2) and brie ($2). Accompanied by a cone of sweet potato fries ($3), it was love at first bite. The custom-made vege-burger ($5) was full of flavour and texture. Topped with fresh guacamole ($1), we devoured every morsel.

The Délice Royale ($3) dessert (oozing cheese and honey) fulfilled our final cravings – and kept our wallets full.




It’s tough to get a good hamburger in Montreal. Usually, the hamburgers are tough as well — because we’re in Montreal. Good buns are hard to get a hold of, unless you make them yourself, or have them made to your specifications. Most of the shops here just opt to stick with what’s already available. Perhaps Costco rolls; who knows. But the bun is half the burger and can make or break the whole thing.

No, I wouldn’t want to open a burger joint in Montreal unless I could somehow set myself apart from the pack. Rise above the Dilallos, the Anecdotes, the La Paryses, the scores of burger joints in this city that never really seem to score.

Hop across the border to New York, or across the country to San Francisco, and you’re in burger heaven. So why not Montreal?

Well, a fellow named Georges Najjar took it upon himself to set things straight, to devote himself to all things Burger. He flew around the States analyzing different burger places and what set them apart from the pack. Surfed the Internet. Krazy-glued his remote control to the Food Channel. Bought videos. In short, did massive amounts of research before he was even about to try opening a burger joint.
Thus: Le Gourmet Burger. There’s m:brgr, of course, but Georges wasn’t about to start charging $19.95 for a Kobé burger with truffle oil.

No, he charges about $5 for a burger with truffle oil (truffle oil three bucks extra!) And Georges has his own dedicated butcher to whom he specifies which cuts he wants and how he wants them ground. His rolls are all custom-baked.

Gourmet Burger doesn’t have those fancy names for each burger — you know, “The Italian” or “The Singapore Swing” or some other such nonsense that so many burger joints indulge in. Here, you start with a charcoal-grilled burger, made in front of you, which comes automatically with grilled onions and tomatoes in a brioche bun. This is $5. Extras, such as cheeses, coleslaw, hummus, fried eggs, pesto, beets, hot peppers, Caramelized fig walnuts, truffle oil, foie gras etc. are all less than $3 (except for the foie gras at $5). There are several condiments available, which include wasabi mayo, Dutch mayo, garlic mayo and so on, but also includes good ol’ French’s (hello, Dillalo).
I opted for the regular burger with bacon and Swiss (pictured). Others at the table went for the foie gras, mushrooms . . . I can’t recall exactly, but the grill chef, with Georges’ help, whipped them out in about ten minutes. Sides were grease-free fries, either straight, sweet, or a combination.
Those among us who prefer to be able to specify how we wanted our burgers done (I like mine medium) were swiftly admonished, and rightly so. There are the handcuffs on burgers in this city. They MUST be cooked to well done, by law. “You’d have to sign a waiver,” said Georges, “absolving us in case you got sick.” Hmm. I’ll cogitate on that one. Got any forms at the counter, Georges?

But the burgers? Redolent of wood-smoke, large but manageable, on a soft, slightly sweet roll, the fries a tad more Montréalais than I prefer (you know, thick instead of matchstick, dark instead of golden — but I’m a Yank so it doesn’t matter) but still great with the multiple sauces — well, it looks like Georges seems to be on track to compete on the Montreal burger circuit.

And with a bill for myself and my wife including all the extras and dessert, including tax and tip hovering around $20, I’d say Georges has a good thing going here. It’s all still a bit young, but beer and wine are in the works and when they arrive I know where I’ll be going for my Montreal burger fix.

Oh, christ, almost forget. CHECK OUT THE BATHROOM!!!!!


Vitamin Daily



Honey Bun

When it comes to compatibility, the classic pairing of a burger and fries sets the standard.

We tested the mettle of our own budding relationship at Le Gourmet Burger, the newest face on the comfort food scene. We both started with a hearty beef patty ($5) but the truth of any good match is in the toppings (from $1). We went boldly forward with brie and caramelized fig walnuts, while our gent made old-school choices like cheddar, bacon and coleslaw. We dipped our crisp sweet potato fries ($3) into spicy mayo, while monsieur stuck to regular potatoes with ketchup. Were we worlds apart or would opposites attract?
After a few delicious bites, burgers were swapped and fries were shared. Final verdict? A match made in burger heaven.



From Outlook magazine:

stylish happenings from coast to coast

fabulous eateries for the holiday season


Market by Jean-Georges: Choose from an intimate and casual cafe
with fireplace; a heated covered outdoor terrace with city views; an
enticing bar complete with raw bar; or a sophisticated fine-dining
room featuring two private rooms, one for 10 and the other 12.
(115 Alberni Street 604-695-1115 •

Black Skirt – Comfort food Sicilian style that is just as good as Nonna’s—
well almost as good. (3 Charles E, at Yonge, 416-935-0240)

Le Gourmet Burger: No golden arches here, these succulent
sensations are served with truffle aioli, local Quebec cheeses, and
even foie gras. (1433B Bishop Street 514-435-3535 •

Jaroblue – Those welcoming sofas make you lose track of time, or
maybe it’s the creative cocktails and tapas. (


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Burger bliss @ Le Gourmet Burger

Posted by Carolyn in Food

Coming from my hometown of San Francisco–land of the legendary 50s’-style burger chain In-N-Out–my cheeseburger-fries-and-milkshake standards are admittedly quite high. Since I arrived in Montreal two and a half years ago, I’ve been searching the city high and low for a surrogate burger joint to feed my frequent beef and potato cravings. Every place I’ve tried so far has, frankly, been a letdown. I’ll settle for Buns on St. Laurent when I need my fix, but the fries are always subpar and the burgers just don’t compare to the greasy perfection that is In-N-Out. But last Thursday night my prayers were answered, in the form of a hip new burger bistro on Maisonneuve and Bishop, Le Gourmet Burger, which quickly caught my eye and earned my stamp of approval.


In opening Le Gourmet Burger, owner Georges Najjar’s objective was to make the best burger on earth. This noble quest took him on a sampling mission across Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and he’s brought his world of burger knowledge to chic new boutique burger joint Le Gourmet Burger, which offers arguably the best burger experience in Montreal. It’s exactly the way a good burger place should be: the staff is friendly, the ambiance is trendy yet comfortable diner-chic, the music is Elvis and the Rolling Stones, and the meal is both fairly inexpensive and immeasurably satisfying.
The patties come in several varieties–chicken, beef and veggie (all $5), or mini ($2)–and each is wedged between a buttered and toasted brioche bun and topped with lettuce, tomato and caramelized onions. To my delight, my beef patty was thick, juicy, perfectly cooked, and topped with oozing Monterey jack cheese, while the chicken burger was peppered to perfection. With just the right amount of toppings, bun, and meat, both sandwiches were possessed of the golden burger ratio. Every element was in ideal proportion; no excess bun or too-small patties. The meal was marred only by a lackluster pickle, which was disappointingly un-crispy.

Le Gourmet gets major brownie points for accompanying their mouth-watering burgers with an array of eclectic accoutrements. The sweet potato fries, served up in a paper-wrapped cone, are some of the most delicious I’ve ever tasted. I recommend trying either the house lemonade or the homemade iced tea– a delicious southern-style sweet tea. The impressive condiment bar exceeds your standard ketchup and yellow mustard, also offering Dijon as well as wasabi, spicy, garlic and Dutch mayonnaise. Toppings include foie gras, egg, hummus, pesto, grilled eggplant, and guacamole. Cheese lovers take note: in addition to cheddar, cheeseburger options include provolone, brie, goat’s cheese, Swiss, smoked Gouda, and Boursin, among others.
Open until 1 a.m. and just a few drunken steps from Le Social for post-clubbing munchies much classier than Boustan’s, the colorful diner-style establishment also boasts the best restaurant bathroom in Montreal–trust me.


the concordian

From the Concordian:

Val’s Bites

By Valeria Nekhim
Published: Tuesday, November 10, 2009


A burger is not what it used to be. Over the last little while, it has shed its outdoor barbecue and fast food-joint image in order to be reincarnated as a glamorous dish offered at some of the finest restaurants and served at the hottest parties. Out are the days of uninspired toppings and condiments like ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato and onions, and in are exotic sauces, gourmet cheeses, hummus, guacamole, truffle oil, foie gras and anything else your little heart desires.

Photo exterieur Le Gourmet Burger - le Gourmet Burger outside picture

Le Gourmet Burger is the latest player on the Montreal burger scene, and with classic veggie, beef and chicken burgers priced at $5 (tax included) – they’re pulling out all the stops to attract student customers. Upon walking in, I was instantly charmed by its sleek and modern design, and friendly staff. Every burger is prepared before your eyes on a charcoal grill and comes with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and a fluffy brioche bun. The best part is choosing additional toppings which cost $1-5. I dressed my chicken burger with marinated hot peppers and pickled beets and added their homemade spicy sauce for a little kick.
I loved it all, except that between the large bun and the sizable chicken breast I had trouble finding the extra toppings I was looking for. My friend added marinated eggplant to her beef burger and it was superb. Ultimately, I think a burger is best in its original ground beef form. Last but not least, our burgers were complimented by a cone of yummy sweet potato and regular fries.
The fact that Le Gourmet Burger is seconds from Concordia is just icing on the cake.
Burgers: Start at $5 (tax included).

1433 Bishop, 514-435-3535, Cash only.


le Voir

Du Voir:


Mathilde Singer

Le Gourmet Burger
12 novembre 2009

La mode est au “fast-food gastronomique”. Ce Gourmet Burger nous propose donc une déclinaison sympathique et actuelle du traditionnel restaurant à burgers. Son décor fonctionnel de diner modernisé est aussi dans l’air du temps: cuisine ouverte, mur de brique, plancher de bois, céramique verte et chaises blanches, métallisées et vertes. Photo interieur Le Gourmet Burger - Voir - Inside Le Gourmet BurgerOn y commande son hambourgeois personnalisé au comptoir en choisissant parmi les différents ingrédients à la carte. Pour 5 $, boulettes de boeuf (version mini ou maxi), de poulet ou de végé-burger sont servies entre deux tranches de pain rond brioché de bonne qualité avec de la salade et des tomates; à vous ensuite d’ajouter vos garnitures pour quelques dollars supplémentaires: fromages variés, légumes, bacon, oeuf frit ou même foie gras ou huile de truffe. Attention, il est tentant de choisir un grand nombre d’ingrédients, mais l’addition monte vite et votre burger devient de plus en plus gros et difficile à manger proprement! On aime les frites régulières ou de patates douces servies dans des petits cornets de papier ainsi que le comptoir à sauces; on est plus sceptique devant le seul dessert à la carte, un mini-burger au fromage sucré à l’eau de fleur d’oranger…. Ouvert tous les jours de 11 h à 1 h du matin (super pour les fêtards de la rue Crescent toute proche!).

Burger Gourmand, Le Gourmet Burger

Par: Michelle Ouellet 10 mai 2010

Malheureusement, nous sommes à une époque où même les clowns peuvent dominer le monde du burger. Hors, même si McDonald est le maître suprême de la restauration rapide, certains petits restos osent tout de même s’aventurer sur ce terrain hautement compétitif. À travers toute cette «Junk»  préfabriquée, fade et pratiquement synthétique, le Gourmet Burger, lui, a choisi de miser sur l’authenticité.

Parlons design!

Assis au comptoir donnant sur la rue Bishop, on regarde tranquillement la ville sous la pluie. Malgré le temps tristounet, l’endroit reste lumineux grâce à la céramique verte et au mobilier IKEA vert, blanc et métallique. Le mur de briques et le plancher de bois franc ajoutent une chaleur au décor et la cuisine ouverte nous permet de nous assurer que personne n’aura craché sur notre boulette! Le resto est clairement une réinvention du traditionnel «Diner», ce qui n’est pas sans charme!

Parlons fluide!

Normalement, je n’aime pas les boissons gazeuses, mais quand celles-ci sont servies dans une bouteille en vitre, je ne peux pas résister à la sensation de la vitre dans mes mains et sur mes lèvres…je sais…j’ai besoin d’une psychanalyse! Outre une bouteille de Coca-Cola vintage ou une traditionnelle racinette Boylan, offrez-vous une limonade maison ou même une Heineken (pas de ça au McDo!).

Parlons Bouffe!

Lancez-vous dans la construction de votre burger de rêve! Vous choisissez la viande, le fromage et les condiments et vous laissez le sympathique chef l’assembler pour vous. Les possibilités sont infinies : bacon, cornichon, champignons sautés, guacamole, pesto, cheddar brie, Boursin… Osez même le foie gras! N’oubliez pas d’accompagner votre chef-d’oeuvre d’un cornet de frites de patates douces! Les portions sont généreuses, la viande est juteuse, le pain est frais et le service est rapide et très amical.

On aime!

Les prix raisonnables pour des portions énormes, l’authenticité de la cuisine maison, les frites de patates douces et les heures d’ouverture (fermeture à 1h du matin!)…N’oubliez pas d’allez visiter la salle de bain…c’est quelque chose!

Pour qui?

Les étudiants entre deux cours, les fashionistas entre deux magasins…Mais surtout les petites familles! Les chaises sont basses et larges, les couleurs sont vives, la vue sur la cuisine ouverte occupera les enfants un moment et les plats sont suffisamment simples pour les petits monstres (ils adoreront les minis burgers!).

Le Gourmet Burger
1433 B, rue Bishop, Montréal
514 435-3535





Have you had the ultimate burguesque experience yet?

- review on the restaurant: Le Gourmet Burger, 1433B Bishop St. (Montreal) -

by M♥

Let me just start this post by a confession or preferably an admission… I LOVE BURGERS. Whether it be from a fast food restaurant (with careful selection), a pub or an upscale restaurant, often are the times I’ll choose a burger over hot wings or a filet mignon. So, if i get the opportunity to try out a new burger somewhere, my reaction is immediate – let’s go!

I was introduced to Le Gourmet Burger by my good friend Nanaa, fashion designer for the line Coccolily, and I am grateful to her ever since. The concept of the place is simple: choose your burger, choose your gourmet toppings. The ultimate personalized burger experience… AAHHH-lelujah! THIS definitely needed to be the first place to talk about on Paperplanes’ food section.

On a given afternoon, Organic Diva and I stepped in Le Gourmet Burger to meet with the owner George Najjar, already salivating from the smell and sound of burgers cooking and the convivial sound of customers chatting up over their meal. We sat down and started talking burgers over our own gourmet burgers.

Before Georges opened Le Gourmet Burger, he underwent years of extensive research on burger joints around the world from South Africa to Korea, the States and here, for he had the idea of opening a place as such for years as well. Once the concept was clearly formulated in his mind as with the decor and menu, it was time to take action. He found a spot close to Kafeïn Bar, another place he owns on Bishop St.

The Place

This charming eating spot is located on Bishop street, where nearby university students often find hunger solace. The space is  so inviting, with its open interior layout and a refreshing color palette of earth colors (brown, green, white and metallic) found on the brick wall, furnishing and accesories. The homemade feel of the place brings an automatic laid-back atmosphere that makes you want to sit-back with friends and have a good time over a nice fresh meal.

The Food

At Le Gourmet Burger, you are guaranteed to get a über-fresh meat, carved on-the-spot in the size you want (full sized or mini sized), with the toppings you want such as guacamole, mushrooms, eggplant, bacon (of course!), grilled eggs, caramelised figues, sweet red pepper, just to name a few and a rich array of cheese like brie and provologne and just as rich choice of mayonnaises. Trust me, you’re in for a treat! And Georges is open to new suggestions. Recently, he added sun-dried tomatoes to the menu. Excellent choice!

For the meat-haters and open-minded meat-lovers, the veggie burger is not the commonly known burger-that-taste-like-meat-but-isn’t-made-of-meat. NO… it’s a real veggie burger, made with real veggies that taste like real veggies. I personally call it the Shameless veggie burger, ’cause there’s no shame in loving the taste of vegetables.

You have the choice between regular fries and sweet potato fries (we recommend the latter). And Georges introduced a new crispier sweet patato fries, and we were there as food tasters to try it out. Personally I liked both recipes.

The good thing about Le Gourmet Burger is that by choosing what you want in your burger, you automatically want to come back and try some more topping combinations. There is much more to say about Le Gourmet Burger, but I’d rather you stop reading and go get yourself a burger. Say Paperplanes sent you, hi hi!

But all in all, before you go…

Our coup-de-coeurs (favorite things)

The fries holder, the out-of-restroom sink (’cause oftentimes, we just wanna wash our hands), the Boylan black cherry soda, the 360 degrees mirrored washroom, and the friendly-service. Don’t forget to check out their website and blog at


P.S.: When you take a mini-burger, the toppings (usually 1$ each) are 1/2 price. Try three minis with different toppings on each or different meat. That’s the ultimate experience.


It’s tough to get a good hamburger in Montreal. Usually, the hamburgers are tough as well — because we’re in Montreal. Good buns are hard to get a hold of, unless you make them yourself, or have them made to your specifications. Most of the shops here just opt to stick with what’s already available. Perhaps Costco rolls; who knows. But the bun is half the burger and can make or break the whole thing.

No, I wouldn’t want to open a burger joint in Montreal unless I could somehow set myself apart from the pack. Rise above the Dilallos, the Anecdotes, the La Paryses, the scores of burger joints in this city that never really seem to score.

Hop across the border to New York, or across the country to San Francisco, and you’re in burger heaven. So why not Montreal? Well, a fellow named Georges Najjar took it upon himself to set things straight, to devote himself to all things Burger. He flew around the States analyzing different burger places and what set them apart from the pack. Surfed the Internet. Krazy-glued his remote control to the Food Channel. Bought videos. In short, did massive amounts of research before he was even about to try opening a burger joint.

Thus: Le Gourmet Burger. There’s m:brgr, of course, but Georges wasn’t about to start charging $19.95 for a Kobé burger with truffle oil. No, he charges about $5 for a burger with truffle oil (truffle oil three bucks extra!) And Georges has his own dedicated butcher to whom he specifies which cuts he wants and how he wants them ground. His rolls are all custom-baked. Gourmet Burger doesn’t have those fancy names for each burger — you know, “The Italian” or “The Singapore Swing” or some other such nonsense that so many burger joints indulge in. Here, you start with a charcoal-grilled burger, made in front of you, which comes automatically with grilled onions and tomatoes in a brioche bun. This is $5. Extras, such as cheeses, coleslaw, hummus, fried eggs, pesto, beets, hot peppers, Caramelized fig walnuts, truffle oil, foie gras etc. are all less than $3 (except for the foie gras at $5). There are several condiments available, which include wasabi mayo, Dutch mayo, garlic mayo and so on, but also includes good ol’ French’s (hello, Dillalo).


Le Gourmet Burger: Bliss In A Bun
Published: 2010-07-27

Cecily Van Horn Adventure Traveller, Montreal, Canada.

MONTREAL- Burgers should seriously be considered as the 6th food group in our diets. Yes, they do contain many of the other ones; however they are absolutely downright superb and deserve to be in their own category.

Okay, I’ll fess up…I love them and after checking out Le Gourmet Burger you most likely will too (that’s if you don’t already)!

The restaurant, established in 2009, is decorated in an urban chic decor- little wooden tables with white and green chairs, along one side of the whole restaurant are exposed brick, the kitchen is open-concept, and there is a small terrace outside. The simplicity of the decor is essential to avoid a sensory overload, which you’ll understand once you take your first bite of their succulent, juicy burgers.

Owner George Najjar has made it so you are the mastermind behind your burger creation. First you choose a patty (beef, chicken, or veggie), then its size (regular for $5 or a mini for $2), choose toppings and cheese (the list is too long you’ll just have to check it out). To truly make your burger masterpiece complete you should add a side (house fries, sweet potato fries, a mix of both, or go healthier with a salad- all options for $3). Your burger conception will be served on a warm, fresh brioche bun that will just melt in your mouth. The Gourmet Burger has a selection of homemade mayonnaises (garlic, spicy, Dutch style, wasabi, and Dijon) for either your burger, to dip your fries, or heck why not both.

You’ve also got to try some of their refreshing homemade iced tea and lemonade for $2 a glass; so good you might end up poking and prying at them to get the recipe. There is also a selection of other beverages if you don’t like those ones to pair with your burger.

This menu style avoids the “I’d like that burger but without this, that and the other” which is truly great for those picky eaters or those who like to create their own signature burger bliss.

Hours are 7-days a week from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Great for lunch or maybe a midnight snack while you are out on the town.

1433 Bishop Street, Montreal, (514) 435-3535


A great man once said, “imagination rules the world”.  Well,  the good people at Le Gourmet Burger sets out not to create what we know as burgers, but rather to compose what you wish burgers to ideally be in your imagination. Starting with the freshest bread and vegetables, finest meats and most mouthwatering sauces, the combination will leave you with an overwhelming sensation of satisfaction with every bite.

At Le Gourmet Burger, you can create your own premium burger from a variety of tantalizing choices. All burgers are grilled on wood charcoal and served on a fresh brioche bun. First, choose your meat: beef, chicken or veggie-pâté. Then move on to a wide array of mouthwatering toppings ranging from guacamole to marinated hot peppers to eggplant tahini and foie gras. Of course, don’t forget to add some perfectly melted cheese such as smoked gouda, brie, swiss, cheddar and much, much more! Top it all off with some of their famous sweet potato fries, a fresh salad and a cool beverage.

Le Gourmet Burger is open 7 days a week from 11am until 1am, so come by any time to try this amazing fare. Also, starting next week try their brand new poutine that is sure to make an impact! For a once in a lifetime burger experience, come into Le Gourmet Burger and get ready to satisfy every one of your taste buds.


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What’s happening in Montreal?

Restaurants: Restaurant Details

Gourmet Burger (Le)

Downtown Boutique Burger Joint

Average Cost: (CAD) 13 $

Address: 1433B rue Bishop Montreal  H3G 2E4 Canada

Great food at affordable prices here. This ‘gourmet’ joint is popular among the party crowds as they take a break between Crescent street bars. The service may be a little slow, but the burgers are indeed great. Here, details and ingredients are carefully thought out. Space is also at a prime here, but the variety and originality in spices or sauces are a pleasant surprise. The restaurant serves only fresh ingredients and organic herbs and spices as well as pure beef to produce juicy burgers. Prices also work, with a good meal setting you back about $10.

-Andrew Princz

Phone: +1 514 435 3535 EmailWebsite

Hours: Su to Su from 11:00 AM to 01:00 AM

Nearest Transportation: Station Guy-Concordia


…an endless banquet

le temps est un bateau, la terre est un gâteau

Le Gourmet Burger

1433-B Bishop


(Downtown Montreal)

–Finally, a new-fangled burger that keeps things good, simple, and affordable. LGB’s basic burger is a big, beefy, tasty, freshly ground number that costs a mere $5 and comes with tomato, lettuce, caramelized onions and a lovely sesame seed brioche bun. Most of the deluxe fixings (a variety of cheeses, mushrooms, bacon, coleslaw, guacamole, etc.) will set you back $1 each, while superdeluxe fixings (foie gras, say) will set you back anywhere from $2-5. Michelle’s favourite so far is a $7 bacon & fried egg burger. Good fries, too–both potato and tempura-style sweet potato. And a nice selection of soda fountain favourites, like Boylan Root Beer. (2010)


Le Gourmet Burger Brings It

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April 19, 2010


Gourmet dining can now be yours, even without a Platinum Visa card. At Le Gourmet Burger on Bishop Street, you can get a juicy, wood charcoal-grilled burger with fries or salad, plus a freshly-squeezed lemonade or homemade iced tea, for only $10. If you’re feeling more adventurous, almost all the toppings are only a couple of bucks and run the gamut from smoked Gouda cheese to truffle oil or pickled beets.  Only the foie gras costs more than three dollars, and come on! It’s foie gras. Not a beef eater? They also offer chicken patties and a vegetarian option.

Le Gourmet Burger is cozy yet hip – the staff is friendly, and the spot is popular with students from surrounding universities, giving it a young, fresh vibe. Low prices and ambiance aside, it’s Le Gourmet Burger’s quality that makes it truly stand out: the seasonings are perfect, the meat is choice, and you can taste a hint of the wood smoke in every bite. And if you’re not hungry enough for a full meal, they also serve floats with your choice of pop and adorable mini-burgers!

Forget about draining your bank account to satisfy your epicurean needs. Gourmet Burger will provide you with MBRGR quality at McDonald’s prices (well, close enough).

Le Gourmet Burger
1433B rue Bishop



Le Gourmet Burger
1433B, Bishop
Montréal, H3G 2E4



Gourmet Burger : le hambourgeois sur mesure

par Alexandre Pouliot-Robergele 9 novembre 2010

Bienvenue dans le paradis du burger ! Ouvert il y a un an, le Gourmet Burger est lieu idéal pour les Montréalais amoureux du sandwich le plus populaire au monde. Georges Najjar, le propriétaire, n’a pas fait les choses à moitié : produits frais et choix des ingrédients effectué par le client lui-même !

Avouons-le, il est rare de dire du bien d’un établissement où le hamburger est roi. Entre aliments congelés depuis des jours ou des semaines, ingrédients trop gras et autres détails tout aussi peu ragoutants, l’a priori existe toujours. Un a priori que le Gourmet Burger parvient à balayer comme si ne rien n’était.

Car depuis septembre 2009, date d’ouverture de l’établissement situé près de l’Université Guy Concordia, le bébé de Georges Najjar s’est installé comme une place de référence : «Ici tous nos produits sont frais et le hamburger est préparé devant vous. Le pain est brioché et vient d’une très bonne boulangerie française. Et en plus, on cuisine sur du charbon de bois», détaille cet homme d’affaires de 34 ans, originaire du Liban et arrivé à Montréal voilà 20 ans.

Des Gourmet Burger bientôt partout dans le monde ?

Pour atteindre son but, Georges Najjar a feuilleté des centaines de menus de restaurants de hamburgers dans le monde entier. En est ressortie une idée phare : c’est le client qui compose son sandwich. Un nombre appréciable de choix s’offre à vous, au niveau des condiments, des fromages ou des frites. Vous êtes le patron de ce que vous mangez..

Et pour quel résultat demanderez-vous ? Parlons carrément d’un délice. La viande est tendre, le pain tout autant, le fromage (chèvre, bleu, cheddar…) achève de parfaire le tout. Les frites (classiques ou patates douces) sont une divine surprise. Le tout servi parfaitement et à un prix bien acceptable (8-10 dollars en tout). Au passage, n’hésitez pas à vous offrir un petit brownie en dessert. Assurément l’un des meilleurs de Montréal.

Ajoutons enfin que la réussite du Gourmet Burger est telle que d’autres établissements devraient voir le jour ailleurs à Montréal. On parle même de franchises ailleurs dans le monde. Bref un vrai succès. Et surtout, un succès mérité.


Savourez Montréal

Le Gourmet Burger

Par Adelya

Lorsque vous entrez chez gourmet burger, s’offre à vous un grand tableau noir où sont présentés les ingrédients qui composeront votre repas. Vous aurez tout d’abord à choisir entre du bœuf, du poulet, ou un burger végé. Ensuite à vous de laisser aller votre imagination en y ajoutant un des nombreux fromages et accompagnements, prendrez-vous du foie gras ou des champignons grillés ? Le tout servi dans un merveilleux pain brioché garni de salade, tomates et oignons caramélisés. C’est ainsi que vou

s pourrez créer votre burger parfait. Tous les ingrédients sont frais et grillés sur charbon de bois, ce qui donne une saveur et un juteux uniques aux burgers.

Pour l’accompagner vous aurez le choix entre des frites de pomme de terre ou de patates douces, que l’on aurait préféré maison, mais ce point est rattrapé par la multitude de sauces offertes, dont notre préféré est la mayo au wasabi.

Enfin pour vous désaltérer, laissez-vous tenter par une limonade ou un thé glacé maison.

Adresse : 1433b rue Bishop, Montréal

ouvert : Lundi – Dimanche, de 11h à 01h

site web :


Exclusive product offerings are commonplace now it seems. Le Gourmet Burger, LGB, is no different. Offering you a choice of beef, vegi, or chicken with lettuce, tomatoes and caramelized onions as a platform, you’re free to add any combination of additional toppings from the basic mushrooms & cheddar to guacamole, hummus, pesto, fried egg, eggplant, foie gras, and the cheese list goes on to include several quebec’s favorites.

The self serve sauce dispenser was less than stellar this time around but usually offers eight distinct flavors including wasabi, garlic mayo, and the house special LGB sauce.

While LGB is not a budget restaurant, the beef burger is well cooked, tasty and a perfect size for any appetite. The sides could benefit from a greater variety, (regular and sweet potato fries isn’t adequate) and the staff is amongst the least helpful people behind a counter but for $13 tax in for a meal prepared on the spot, you won’t be upset.

Best of all they’re open til 1am daily.

1433B Bishop, Montreal, QC, H3G 2E4
Monday-Sunday 11am – 1am


2009/11/30 at 8:07pm

On a random cold sunday evening, I wondered in the streets of downtown Montreal, looking for something special to sooth my growing hunger…that’s when I spotted the sign, Le Gourmet Burger. I must admit, the name got me first, because I am a sucker for fine dining and the word gourmet was enough of an excuse to spark my interest.

I crossed the street and climbed up the stairs to enter in a calm, mini resto, fresh and modern. Open kitchen concept, service with a smile, clean, menu with so many options to choose from, I spotted guacamole as one of the toppings, this was it, I was SOLD!

I ordered my burger with Guacamole, sweet potatoes fries and of course water !!!!
The burger meat was tender and tasty, the fries crispy delicious and the sauce (so many of them from Spicy Mayo, Dijon May to Garlic) just divine. I was in Burger heaven.

Burger maven or not, you MUST give it a try, plus they have chicken as well (I must try nxt time), To top uf all of, they use no preservatives, how chich and health conscious, plus the cost is absolutely affordable and I love the fact that their taxes are already included in the price, reminds me of France and so does the taste of their meat.

All this blurb just to say how much I loved every bite and I will definitely go back just need to watch the waist line, but I am not so worried. It’s the healthiest choice I have made so far in terms of burger and fries.

2 Thumbs up


Gourmet Burger

1433 B, Bishop, Montréal, QC, H3G 2E4 514-435-3535

Le restaurant Gourmet Burger est une destination de choix pour manger un hamburger cuit sur charbon de bois au centre-ville de Montréal.


Cuisine Type | Burgers, Fast Food
Ambiance | Casual, Good For Groups
Meals Served | Dinner, Lunch,  Take-out
Pricing | Less than $20
Payment | ATM (machines only), Cash


Neighbourhood | Downtown
Getting There | Métro Guy-Concordia


Tous les jours de 11h à 1h


Spécialisé en hamburgers
Ouvert depuis 2009, le Gourmet Burger s’est donné comme objectif de vous servir les meilleurs hamburgers qui soit. Spécialiste du burger, trois sortes d’hamburgers sont proposées aux clients. Vous pourrez opter pour un traditionnel burger au bœuf, choisir plutôt celui au poulet ou commander un burger végétarien. Ils sont offerts en format régulier ou en mini portion. La maison vous offre aussi un burger dessert fait à base de fromage.
Pour rehausser le goût de votre burger
Les burgers de base sont servis avec des oignons caramélisés, de la laitue et des tomates. Les clients peuvent les compléter en choisissant parmi neuf sortes de sauces, huit sortes de fromages et différents condiments. Un supplément monétaire sera demandé pour tout ajout de fromage ou de condiment.
Frites et breuvages
Vous pourrez accompagner votre hamburger de frites régulières, de patates douces ou d’un mélange des deux. Le restaurant vend aussi du thé glacé et de la limonade maison ainsi que différentes boissons gazeuses.
Manger sur place
Le Gourmet Burger peut accueillir 25 personnes. Il est possible de manger aux tables ou de s’installer à l’un des deux comptoirs. Deux tables hautes sont installées à l’extérieur.


Mouth-watering fare at Le Gourmet Burger in Montreal

Think homemade burgers with a gourmet twist — none of that fast food nonsense with phony beef and cardboard-like buns. We’re talking the real deal: the kind of delectable, authentic sandwiches you have to hold with two hands and bite into with downright delight.

Le Gourmet Burger exemplifies the quintessential burger experience. Artfully combining key ingredients with tasty signature toppings, LGB chefs produce a party for your taste buds every single time. Customize your very own creation starting with pure, flavourful, charcoal-grilled beef, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, caramelized onions, and a fresh brioche bun. Then jazz up the basics with everything from classic sautéed mushrooms, bacon, and brie, to tangy sundried tomato pesto, marinated eggplants, goat cheese, and more. As side dishes? Try their trademark French fries and sweet potato variations, or get your veggie intake with a healthy green salad.

Ladies and gents: welcome to burger heaven.


Le Gourmet Burger

Copyright of Handful Of Food

If you ever get the chance to visit Montreal, Canada then you’re in for a good treat! Not only is Montreal an English speaking city but a charming city is filled with restaurants and tourist attractions galore. It is also a beautiful city both during the winter and summer months with various attractions during both seasons. Cody and I have been to Montreal three or four times now and every time we go we always find something new. This time around, we found a really hip burger joint called Le Gourmet Burger. Cody had found a review of it online and read that it was one of the best burger joints in Montreal. Knowing that, we couldn’t help but visit it the minute we arrived to Montreal. Also, Cody is a huge burger fan so we had to go to fill his appetite of burgers.

What I really enjoyed about Le Gourmet Burger was that they had unique types of burgers. Instead of having your typical types of french fries, they offered sweet potato fries and poutine. For those of you who don’t know what poutine is, it is a wonderful Canadian treat. Anyone who visits Canada needs to try it at least once and after one try, I bet you’ll have it more then once!  Not only does Le Gourmet Burger have beef patties, but also chicken and what they call a végé-pate burger. If you enjoy toppings on your burger, be prepared for a long list of choices you can choose from! They offer bacon, hummus, fried egg, walnuts, pickled beets, coleslaw and more.

When I went to Le Gourmet Burger I ordered the Le Gentlemen burger. It was a delicious beef burger topped with lettuce, tomato, blue cheese, bacon, and walnuts. What I found really cool about this place was that the people who worked there liked to have fun. The gentlemen working at the cash register joked around with me when I ordered my burger saying I already had a “gentlemen” (meaning my boyfriend). I joked back with him saying, “I know, but I can’t eat him!” If you appreciate modern art then you would love the inside appeal Le Gourmet Burger gives off. They have chess piece salt and pepper shakers, bright colored paintings on their walls, exposed brick inside, and the trippiest bathroom I have ever been into! When you walk into their bathroom you will notice that all of the walls are covered in mirrors. No matter where you look, you will always see yourself and it is very memorizing.

If you enjoy hip burger joints with unique flavors and a fun atmosphere, then Le Gourmet Burger is for you! Stop by and check them if you get the chance to visit Montreal, Canada and I’m sure you’ll be glad you had.

I would give Le Gourmet Burger a 5 out of 5 for having a great atmosphere that was friendly and appealing. I also really enjoyed their food and can’t wait to go back again in the future.

If you would like to get more information about Le Gourmet Burger, please visit their website at:

You can also search for them on Facebook by typing Le Gourmet Burger in the search box.


This is why we’re fat

your guide to Montreal’s culinary treasures

Le Gourmet Burger

December 13, 2010 by This is why we’re fat

As a self-proclaimed burger aficionado, I’ve been searching Montreal high and low for a great burger. Have I finally found what I’ve been longing for? Amidst the popular (but mediocre) restaurants on Bishop, Le Gourmet Burger is easily overlooked, but what lies within its charming interior is nothing short of pure bliss.

Each burger (beef, chicken, veggie) is served on a warm, toasty brioche bun and garnished with the standard lettuce, tomatoes and caramelized onions. Cheese can be added to the burger for an additional $1.00-$4.00 depending on what you fancy. Supplementary toppings cost between $1.00-$5.00 each and range from guacamole to eggplants tahini to the pretentious fois gras. Help yourself to the variety of condiments, both classic and bold, available at the counter. The patty is thick and juicy, and the meat to bun ratio of the burger is spot on.  There’s just enough bun and just enough meat to create a harmonious balance, and together with your added toppings it creates magic in your mouth. The burger is incredibly scrumptious.  It’s probably one of the best burgers I’ve had, EVER.

The sweet potato fries are an absolute MUST. Typically, complementary fries are not meant to outshine the burger itself, however these sweet potato fries can really hold their own.  Its crisp and salty exterior beautifully complements its sweet and tender core.  They are perfection. Absolutely delicious!

Look no further for a great burger! It’s a wonderful and incomparable alternative to fast food burgers – it won’t event break the budget! If you’re ever around the area, skip the many bland restaurants and treat yourself and your taste buds to a little piece of heaven!

N.B.  Cash Only

Le Gourmet Burger

1433B Bishop | map

(514) 435-3535


a little place on the web all about me . . . Harlie

Le Gourmet Burger – saucey fun on the run.

By HARLIE | Published: FEBRUARY 10, 2010

I brought my bf and his mom here last night after a jaunt through the museum. We were hungry and needed a quick fix. When we left, we were no longer. Burger size and fry servings are ample. Presentation on slim trays contributes to a slightly unique concept and the service is awesome and uber-friendly. We were greeted by a very enthusiastic employee who seemed over-excited by our first visit to LGB, as they call it (i just noticed the shift in connotation if you add a T to that…). The burgers were pretty good although hard to gage exactly how tasty it was cause i slathered mine in pesto and bacon – please note that combo – it’s wonderful. My impression is that the meat is not very tasty on its own – i like my burgers medium and this one was definitely well done and i don’t recall having a choice. Naturally, this takes away from the flavours of the beef but i feel a bit better knowing that the meat is high-quality, if their claim is veritable. But much more fun were the free mayo dipping sauce. Why I am ever-entertained by pouring my own sauces? I love variety so it was added fun to line up the little saucers and try one after the other with my succulent sweet potato fries. A fry-dipping assembly line of sorts. My favourite combo – the garlic mayo mixed with a touch of ketchup. They also have their own special sauce which tasted like a mix between the spicy mayo and the garlic mayo. Quite good. For a decent – and more importantly, quick burger – its a sure win. Next time i’ll take advantage of the “Le” in the name and add the foie gras and truffle oil. Now that is gourmet.


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