Que pansez-vous de nos frites? dites nous vos commentaires…

What do you think of our fries? Tell us by commenting …Le Gourmet Burger Frites - Fries

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  1. Artur Evans says:

    i actually saw you guys prepping your fries, you actually cut them fresh right here and there! that’s great, can’t get fresher that this!

  2. Sylvain says:

    Super Frite! bravo

  3. David C says:

    Great fries, fresh and crispy

  4. Suzi Steger says:

    Hi!, i love fries, specially sweet potato fries, I’m known to keep a log of my favorite fries in restaurant all around, you’re fires have 5 stars inform of them!

    and the veggy burger was great too!



  5. Marie-Helene says:

    Salut ! J’ai vraiment adoré vos patates douces c’était délicieux! Continuez votre bon travail!

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