Que Pensez-vous de nos Burgers?


What do you think of our burgers? LGB (5 of 13)

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  1. Samer Y. says:

    I LOVE IT, i travel 5000 miles just to have my 5 minis

    these fries….wooowwww with all these sauces, to die for!

    can’t wait to come in 2 weeks

  2. Dominic says:


    I really loved your burger. The great selection of homemade sauces and condiments was a nice touch. The main thing that made this burger for me is the bun. Too often I’m stuck eating burgers at places where the condiments just fly away from the burger and everything is a mess. At Le Gourmet Burger the bun keeps everything in place beautifully.

    I was wondering if these buns are available anywhere for purchase?


  3. Rosemary McMahon says:

    i loved the burgers….esp. with the fois gras
    AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i need a napkin when i look at these pictures…sooooooooooo mouth watering…
    like the good old days,,,
    real good food!!!
    keep it up

  4. admin says:

    hi Dominic, thank you for you nice comments, unfortunately for the buns we have them custom made for us in a small bakery and are not available for sale, we guess you’ll have to come to us to have your dose from time to time!


  5. Sarah Gale says:

    who says that vegetarians have to sacrifice flavor in the name of their diet? The veggie burger with caramelized figs, onions, and walnuts, topped smoked gouda cheese blew my mind. I highly recommend this combo to any vegetarian, or even non-veggis!

  6. Niki says:

    We had these burgers delivered after a whole day of studying for a Math final. It was and is the bestest comfort food out there. It just made us melt and it wasn’t greasy and heavy like other burgers! We were up and refreshed to do more Math that nightt! Thank youu GB :)
    If you want a burger treat, forget unhealthy cheap McD and BK…come to LGB, its a guaranteed treat!

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