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  1. Steve says:

    Possible the best Burger i ever had yet!(and I’m not talking only in Montreal) : juicy, tasty and perfectly seasoned, the bread is to die for, a fresh Baked brioche, ,real wood charcoal… and what i really like about that place is the simplicity of the hole thing, good food done right, the homemade lemonade was great (the have the old style coke bottles and what looked like nice Root beer and cherry coke) they even have a nice selection of organic loose leaf teas, one of them seamed interesting “Organic Detox” but i wanted to try the lemonade.. so next time i guess… and the fries! the fries were amazing , take the mixed one, both their sweet potato fries and there regular fries are great, they have a option of a mixed cone… oh ya it comes in paper cone like in Amsterdam :) and most importantly for fries lover like me is the mayo’s! and do they have a selection of mayos, let me try to remember there selection (and all FREE!) there was i remember: Wasabi mayo(amazing) spicy mayo, garlic mayo, Dijon mayo, dutch mayo and there own signature sauce LGB apparently stand’s for “Le Gourmet Burger” makes sense, LGB sauce… and I’m sure i forgot few!

    highly recommended, you will confirm my review once you try it!

  2. Ams says:

    Luv the V burger. explosive taste! The brioche bread is freshly baked and great concept in addition to the warmth of the place.
    Will be back for sure

  3. Inessa says:

    SO I had my gourmet burger experience this Sunday. Loved the beef burger the fries are amazing especially the sweet potatoes fries. The sauces are to die for. everyone should go, for sure. Very very good.

  4. Miss SLY! says:

    On a random cold sunday evening, I wondered in the streets of downtown Montreal, looking for something special to sooth my growing hunger…that’s when I spotted the sign, Le Gourmet Burger. I must admit, the name got me first, because I am a sucker for fine dining and the word gourmet was enough of an excuse to spark my interest.

    I crossed the street and climbed up the stairs to enter in a calm, mini resto, fresh and modern. Open kitchen concept, service with a smile, clean, menu with so many options to choose from, I spotted guacamole as one of the toppings, this was it, I was SOLD!

    I ordered my burger with Guacamole, sweet potatoes fries and of course water !!!!
    The burger meat was tender and tasty, the fries crispy delicious and the sauce (so many of them from Spicy Mayo, Dijon May to Garlic) just divine. I was in Burger heaven.

    Burger maven or not, you MUST give it a try, plus they have chicken as well (I must try nxt time), To top uf all of, they use no preservatives, how chich and health conscious, plus the cost is absolutely affordable and I love the fact that their taxes are already included in the price, reminds me of France and so does the taste of their meat.

    All this blurb just to say how much I loved every bite and I will definitely go back :) just need to watch the waist line, but I am not so worried. It’s the healthiest choice I have made so far in terms of burger and fries.

    2 Thumbs up

  5. Sofia says:

    The quality of the info is what keeps me on this site, thanks!

    Wish You a Merry Christmas. :)

  6. Bobo says:

    My experience at the burger place is excellent every time I go! Always ! And its not because I know George , its because the burgers in there are to die for !!!! Tried them all – and they are all superb ! I also love the fries ! and …. The dips/ dressings on the side are exceptional ! So much of the variety in there . For everyone’s taste. And not to forget , the stuff … Extremely friendly and very nice people !

  7. Shan says:

    I heard about it through a newsletter; decided to stop in after a day of shopping with my sister…we totally loved it! It’s small, but so much fun to eat there! It was delsih! Loved the music, totally perfect for a hip, quaint, little burger joint! I will be going back!

  8. J Hajj says:

    One word for you: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

  9. QlinArt says:

    My friend and I spotted the sign from the corner of de Maisonneuve and Bishop. I was famished and was craving red meat. With no time to waste, my friend an I headed over Gourmet Burger and were pleasantly surprised to see a line-up to wait for your order. It was well worth the wait. The burger was juicy, tasty, and amazingly delectable with the caramelized onions. I ordered a regular beef burger with regular toppings (tomatoes, lettuce and onions) with a slice of cheddar cheese. It hit the spot. My friend who was raving about 5 guys had ordered some fries, which were amazing, not to forget the spicy sauce she chose from the variety of choices. The staff was so friendly, humble and courteous. Definitely the best burger I ever tasted….sorry Dilalo, still love your burgers, but I have to say that this one was tops!

  10. Ziad says:

    I live close to Manhattan NY and they love their burgers, however I just had my first Gourmet Burger with the sun dried tomato pesto and guacamole it was fantastic! The whole experience was wonderful from the juicy meat to the amazing bun. There was a small line however the people in there were just plain nice and efficient. The only thing missing is a location in NYC……….

  11. John says:

    Any chance you’ll be making Turkey Burgers? NOBODY makes one in Montreal ?!! It’s a healthy option to beef.

  12. hoodrat says:

    One of the best burgers I have ever had. The beef burger is amazing, and such a great selection of toppings. The brownie is to die for !
    Prices are worth amazing burger experience

  13. admin says:

    hi John, thank you for your message, we actually did consider it, we did research to decide between Chicken and Turkey burgers and the results showed that as turkey is preferred by Americans, Canadians prefer chicken and thus we opted to offer chicken breast burgers rather then turkey.

    you should try our Chicken Burgers their very tasty!

    best Regards,
    Le Gourmet Burger team

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